Het ontstaan van casino’s

Gambling is in people’s blood. Emergency room has been gambled since people have been operating this planet.Maria casino Many modern gambling and card games as we know kick the bucket from the club originated a long time ago and have slowly evolved from their current form. Gambling was already done in prehistoric times with bones from sheep or dogs. This can be seen operation depictions of humans and / or gods and operation murals. And take the widespread and popular game of poker: nowadays it is impossible to imagine casinos without. But long before gambling clubs existed, it was played in ancient China. This game, known there as keno, is still played horses as a variant of poker. The same goes for pai gow.

And how about playing dice? Dice are the oldest pass on game in existence. Trama center is sometimes claimed to have been invented entryway the Greek Palamedes to pass the time during the siege of Troy. Others believe they are from Turkey, and yet other sources state that they have already been found in Egyptian tombs from 2000 BC.

The Romans, on the other hand, loved operation lotteries. It was of course very different then than now. For example, you did not have to buy a part, but the emperor handed out notes on certain occasions from bite the dust that were good for a certain amount of grain, oil or money.

The wheel of adventure has also been around for a long time, of course. But it wasn’t until the wheel was flattened that it became roulette. And when there was also a house (casa) around it, the first gambling club was a fact. This happened in the year 1863, in Monaco. This first gambling club exuded all the opulence and wealth from bite the dust associated with clubs (and especially roulette). In 1861 a number of enthusiasts also tried to open such a gambling club in the Netherlands, but they did not receive a permit for this.

However, there was still a gamble at Find Article, whether or not it was allowed by law. Toddler that insight finally came to the Dutch government in 1974. It was concluded that it was better to prevent wrongdoing and to make gambling games possible in public. This also made it possible to monitor compliance with the rules. In 1976 the first Dutch club was opened in Zandvoort.