What ‘Rainbow Mountain’ In Peru

What ‘Rainbow Mountain’ In Peru

Rainbow Mountain Peru: You will have seen countless pictures of Rainbow Elevation on Instagram and, if you’re previously in Cusco, its unmistakable seams of red, yellow, and orange will now be a common sight all over the city’s hostels and tour departments. This site – which is also recognized as Vinicunca, Winikunka, Montaña de Siete Colores, and Montaña de Colores – has blown up in popularity in the last few years and is arguably now well on its way to becoming the support most visited attraction in the Peru after Machu Picchu.

That said however, for a number of reasonings we were reluctant to visit, deciding only at the last minute that we owed it to you, our readers, to provide an honest review of the maturity, and what to expect.

 What ‘Rainbow Mountain’ In Peru

So if you want to know what exactly a Variegation Mountain day trip from Cusco involves (and whether it’s actually worth it), learn why the mountain has become so crowded, save a lot of money, and understand how to develop for the insane Vinicunca altitude – plus enhance some of the new realities of day tour to Rainbow Mountain in 2019 – this is the only post you need to read.

Peru Rainbow Mountain

There are many reasons to visit Peru, from its diverse natural geography to its cultural festivals and the vestiges of an ancient civilization. Millions of tourists flock to the Andean people every year to see the ruins of the Inca citadel Machu Picchu — but in 2015, a newly discovered geological bewilderment was added to the country’s list of must-see targets.

Vinicunca — also known as the Mountain of Seven Colors, or more simply Rainbow Mountain — was discovered four years ago when the snow covering it melted, disclosing the natural delicacy of the rock below. Formed by weathering, environmental conditions and sedimentary deposits over time, the mountain’s unique minerology created a marbling effect, with layered hues of gold, violet, red and turquoise towering into the sky.

While you’ll presumably never make it to Oz, you can go to a land where you’ll be positively surrounded by color. Just take a trip down to the Variegation Mountain in Peru.

Vinicunca, also called Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors), is located in the Andes in the Cusco region of Peru. In order to get to the trailhead, it’s a three-hour drive against Cusco. To get to the sentry, you’ll need to hike about six miles. The trip is fairly challenging, so it’s not recommended for beginner hikers.

But what makes the rainbow elevation turn so many different colors? Well, first, always be wary of which photos you see on the internet. Super bright, technicolor photos are often upgraded by Photoshop, but the real deal isn’t dull either. The mountainsides look like they were painted in yellows, greens, reds and purples, but they look a little more natural in person.

Rainbow Mountain Peru Wiki

 Rainbow Mountain Peru Wiki

As this website is solely for instruction about Rainbow Mountain Peru, we do not offer any of our own tours. However, although we are not an operator, we have made a list of the top engineers to book your tour with. These engineers were chosen based on a series of traits including quality of equipment, guide standard and general experience during the trek.

The reasoning why these colors have formed is because of ice that used to cover the area, according to HuffPo. When it started to melt, the water incorporated with minerals in the ground, transforming the earth into the many colors. Red areas are due to rust mixtures, yellows are due to iron sulfide, purples are from goethite or oxidized limonite, and the grasses come from chlorite.

It’s important to note that the weather makes a big difference in your experience there. It’s best to plan your trip when it’s unlikely for there to be rain or snow because it will make the trail more difficult to hike and the colors will be duller, as one blogger experienced. At the same time, super sunny days or taking pictures around high noon will probably also wash out your photographs due to the excess light. The best time to visit will be in the morning or evening hours, either right after sunrise, or right before sunset.

Rainbow Mountain In Peru

Welcome to Rainbow Mountain Cusco Journey through an undiscovered land of wild desert landscapes, snow-capped peaks, herds of alpaca, and arrive at the ultimate destination – The “Rainbow Mountain” hidden deep in the Andes. Throughout your journey, you will pass through a vibrant green valley with the impressive Ausangate mountain towering in the distance. You will experience first hand how locals live in the mountains and even have a chance to speak with them.

As you get closer to the Rainbow Mountain you will begin to see the first signs of the colored minerals that formed the painted hills. Your guide will explain what makes up the existence of the “Rainbow Mountain”, and finally with one last push, you will hike up to a vantage point that gives you a 360-degree view of the beautiful landscape that makes up this sacred land.

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Rainbow Mountain Peru Elevation

A number of tour operators run full-day visits to the Rainbow Mountain, which lies around 62 miles from Cusco — visitors should be prepared to start their day in the early hours with a winding, bumpy drive from the city. Travel agents in Cusco offer tours for around 100 Peruvian soles ($30), with most operators returning hikers to the city center by 7:00 p.m. An additional entry fee of 10 soles is taken at the site and is not included in the price of most tours.

Hikers wanting to trek up the mountain are looking at a round trip of around five miles from the bus drop-off. Visitors should be prepared to climb to high altitudes — Vinicunca stands more than 16,000 feet above sea level. The majority of the path isn’t too challenging, although the final part of the hike is a more difficult, steeper incline.

For thrill seekers — or as an alternative way to see Vinicunca in all its glory — mountain bikes are available for hire. And for visitors who aren’t into long treks, the journey can be taken on horseback for 80 soles. Horses can be rented at several points along the trek if walking becomes too difficult.

Is the Rainbow Mountain worth it?

In conclusion, the Rainbow Mountain hike is 100% worth it if your timing is right! Good weather, fewer crowds, and hiking once acclimatized to altitude will make all the difference between a wonderful experience and a dismal one. Happy hiking!

Where are the Rainbow Mountains in Peru?

Just take a trip down to the Rainbow Mountain in Peru. Vinicunca, also called Montaña de Siete Colores (Mountain of Seven Colors), is located in the Andes in the Cusco region of Peru. In order to get to the trailhead, it’s a three-hour drive from Cusco.

What causes the different colors in the rainbow mountains in Peru?

The Rainbow Mountain

The minerals are what cause the rainbow coloration. Each of the colors on the mountain comes from a different mineral. The red layers indicate iron oxide rust, while the orange and yellow suggest iron sulfide.