How to Add Audio to Google Slides in Simple Steps

Google Slides has added an audio feature to help you create more interactive presentations to keep up with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. If you have your audio file, you can add it or add Audio from YouTube videos or streaming services like SoundCloud. Slides support multiple file formats, so you do not have to convert the files before inserting them into the presentation.

We will provide a comprehensive guide to each method, regardless of which Audio source you prefer. Although, if you wish to use SoundCloud or YouTube audio, there is a word of caution. It would be best to choose tracks that are either in the public domain or in the Creative Commons category, as some ways may be copyrighted.

Follow Given Steps for Adding Audio in Google Slides

  • Step No 1 – Due to the recent Google Productivity Suite update, the Audio does not need to be converted into MP3 or any other format. You can simply upload the file to Google Drive and label it for more straightforward navigation, though it should appear under Recent anyway.
  • Step No 2 – Slides allow you to add files by clicking on “Insert” in the menu bar and selecting “Audio.” Once you choose this option, all audio files on your computer are displayed. Click “Select” at the bottom-left to confirm. Scroll through the list, select one, and click “Apply.”
  • Step No 3 – The audio icon appears by default in the upper-left corner, but this may not be the best location for everyone. If the hero needs to be repositioned, drag it to its new location within the slide. A small blue square around the icon can also be dragged in or out to make it larger or smaller. The navigation grid appears when you reposition the icon, allowing you to determine where the icon sits in relation to other slide elements.
  • Step No 4 – Playback settings can be changed in Google Slides, which are usually on-click by default. Click the audio icon, click “Format” (in the menu bar), and select “Format Options.” In the “Audio Playback” section, choose “Automatic,” decrease or increase the volume, and make sure “Stop on slide change” is checked.

How to Add Audio to YouTube

  • Step No 1 – You must convert the YouTube video into an audio format in order to make this work. You can get the YouTube video link by clicking Share, copying the YouTube video link, and pasting it into an online converter. We used for this article, but any other converter should work fine as well.

The YouTube video can be added instead of the Audio for some people. However, on your slide, the video is displayed in a tiny thumbnail, which might distract your audience from your presentation.

  • Step No 2 – This step is similar to the last one. The audio file is added to Google Drive, “Insert,” Audio, and you choose the MP3 file that contains only YouTube Audio. You can move the icon around by dragging and dropping it. You can also adjust playback options by using the “format options” box.

Is It Possible To Hide The Audio Icon?

It is possible, and especially with the auto play option enabled, you can use this feature. Simply select the icon, click “Arrange” on the menu bar, and then click “Order.”

The icon will be hidden behind another element if you select “Send backward” or “Send to back.”It would be best if you generally hid it behind your company’s logo or image/element rather than text.

Use the Streaming Service

You can add Audio to Google Slides by downloading the audio file and adding it as a picture or embedding it. To add Audio to a Google Slides, go to the “Insert” menu, select “Audio,” and choose the audio file you want to add. Remember, you might need to pay to download some tunes, so make sure you check out the license before you use them.

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