How to Increase Your YouTube Watch Time

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Watch time is a YouTube feature that counts how long people spend watching a video. If you have a channel, this is a great way to measure how well your videos are doing on the platform and helps you to decide if you need to make changes to improve viewer retention.

The main reason to buy YouTube watch time is so that you can monetize your videos on the platform. However, you can also use it to measure the impact of your content marketing strategy on your watch time and subscriber growth.

To increase your watch time on YouTube, you need to create a good collection of videos and promote them correctly. You can do this by optimizing your titles and thumbnails for the most engagement possible, making sure that your video length is ideal (see below), and creating relevant playlists of your videos.

Increasing your watch time can help you to get more subscribers and grow your business on YouTube faster than ever before. This is because, as a YouTube creator, you must accumulate 4,000 hours of watch time in a year to be able to monetize your content on the platform.

You can check your watch time by visiting your channel page and selecting the “watch history” tab. This will bring up a list of all your videos and their respective watch times.

One important thing to note is that YouTube only tracks watch time when you’re logged into your account. This means that any views recorded in Chrome’s Incognito mode or other browsers won’t count, as they don’t register to your watch history.

Another factor to consider when determining your watch time is how often you’re watching the platform on a regular basis. Ideally, you want to keep track of your time spent watching the platform on a daily basis and try to increase that average.

When it comes to optimizing your watch time, it’s also important to focus on how many views you’re getting per video and on a channel-wide basis as well. You can do this by analyzing your data with YouTube Studio or Klipfolio PowerMetrics.

Increasing your video length can also have a positive effect on your watch time as it can encourage viewers to stay and watch the entire video. This is especially true if you have an engaging story or topic that makes for a compelling video.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re a YouTube partner, your watch time can increase as a result of being rewarded for completing certain tasks. For example, if you’re participating in the YouTube Creator Challenge and complete one of the tasks, you’ll be rewarded with an extra 15 minutes of watch time.

You can also increase your video duration by incorporating more engaging storytelling into your videos, such as talking about the topics you’re most passionate about. This is a very effective strategy for improving your watch time because it shows that you’re committed to your audience and aren’t just putting out content to fill a niche.

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