Production process of nonwoven bags

However,Production process of nonwoven bags Articles with the fine print of the guests on the product and environmental protection requirements continue to increase, the emergence of many new non-woven printing, here we introduce several mainstream market: First, the watermark. Because of the use of water-based glue bomb named as print media, are more common in the textile printing, also known as printing. Printing the paste and water-based adhesive glue bombs to reconcile. Edition and printing photos without chemical solvents, rinse with water directly. It features good color strength, fastness and covered with strong, washable, virtually no odor. Second, the gravure printing. Processed in this way are usually called laminating non-woven bags product. This process in two steps, that is, first using the traditional gravure printing process to the graphic film, coating process and then use pattern will be printed on non-woven composite film. Color pattern is generally a large area of non-woven bags are printed using this process. It features beautifully printed, full use of machine production, short production cycle. Another product has excellent water resistance, durability of the finished product than other non-woven bags production process better. Light and matte film are two options, with a frosted matte effect! Drawback is that there is a conflict with the concept of environmental protection, because film is difficult to degrade. Third, the heat transfer. Thermal transfer printing in the printing are special! This method requires the intermediate medium, that is the first graphics printing to thermal transfer or thermal transfer paper, film, recycle bag and then heated by the transfer device to transfer the pattern on the non-woven fabrics. Commonly used in textile printing in thermal transfer medium is film. Its advantages are: beautifully printed version of the level of rich, comparable photos. Small area of color images for printing. The disadvantage is the high price, high cost of printing.Bags with cotton, but also non-woven, and environmental protection lies in whether the degradation of these materials. Among them, the national standards of environmental processing of material is polyethylene, because of its ability to degrade other materials is relatively good. Bags styles to meet different needs. Classified by shape: three-dimensional bags, flat bags (not the thickness of the common green bags), bags end organ (that is, at the end of the thickness, the thickness of the bags did not surface), complex (Review) film non woven bag china , vest bags, folding bags (purse bag), Drawstring bags, hand bags rope. By patterns: net color (plain) bags, color bags, heat transfer bags, offset bags, embroidered bags, silk bags (the most common color of the bags are printed). By Size Category: Standard size bags, mini bags, large bags. Sort by special request: tailor-made bags, insulation bags, silver-green bags, reusable shopping bags. According to different age levels, bags can be divided as follows: cartoon-type bags for some children, simple-type bags for like simple friends, and the DIY bags are designed for people who like to design custom-made. MK sale bag

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